“ A very aesthetic and useful tool, I take even more pleasure to anesthetize my patients”

Dr. Campanile Geneva

I don’t miss an opportunity to use it. It’s small, very convenient to use, not threatening the patients. I must admit that the Dentapen is a real advancement.

Prof. Eliezer Kaufman

The ability to administer a painless injection is the #1 factor patients mention when evaluating their dentist. Computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery (C-CLAD) permits the administration of much more comfortable injections in any area of the oral cavity, including the palate. Dentapen, is a small, hand-held C-CLAD system that permits the administration of any dental intraoral injection. The Dentapen is easy to operate; uses traditional local anesthetic needles and dental cartridges. You guys are the next step!

Prof. Stanley Malamed