“I love it !!!!. (…) I don’t miss an opportunity to use it. It’s small, very convenient to use, not threatening the patients. It works wonderfully with intraligamentary anesthesia.  (…)

I appreciate the opportunity to have my “hands on” on this mechanical, electronic piece of medical equipment.(…) the dentapen is a real advancement. “

Dr Eliezer Kaufman, Israël

“The next step”

Professor Stanley F. Malamed, FDI Congress, Madrid 2017

“The best product of the show”

Dr. Josep Arnabat-Dominguez, FDI Congress, Madrid 2017

“This is the device dentists are waiting for”

Leading Dental Distributor, 2017

“I did not feel anything”

Genevan patient, 2017

“A very good tool that helps improving the patient experience”

Dr. G. Garavaglia, Geneva 2017

“Dentapen is easy handling, and patients feel much more comfortable when I use it”

Leading Dentist Expert, Poland, 2017.

“A very aesthetic and useful tool, I take even more pleasure to anesthetic my patients”

Dr. G. Campanile, Geneva 2017

“Why has nobody thought of it before?”

Dr. V. S. Müller Campanile, Geneva 2017