A word from the founder

“My passion is finding solutions in the field of medicine. During 30 years of working in close collaboration with leading medical enterprises, I created several successful companies specialized in medical tool miniaturization. Juvaplus was founded in 2011, aiming to respond to the needs of better injection systems. Our latest injection device, Dentapen®, is revolutionising dental injections by offering cordless, painless and effortless dental anesthesia. Patients feel less pain and reduced side effects. Dentists can now be freed from the various constraints related to anesthesia and focus on their patients! Juvaplus continues to facilitate injections for doctors and patients through its Swiss expertise.”

Founder & CEO

The Company

Juvaplus was founded by Bernard-Pierre Legrand in 2011. Specializing in the design and production of compact and wireless motorized devices, Juvaplus quickly imposed itself as a leading innovative company in the medicine market. Juvaplus develops products that combine research, design and technology at the service of medicine. Our Production Office is based in Fleurier, Canton of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, close to some of the best watch factories. Our Sales Office is based in  Geneva (10min to the train station, 20min to the airport).

Our Philosophy

 All Juvaplus sophisticated products are exclusively manufactured in Switzerland, conforming to ISO and CE guidelines. Our products are designed and engineered to the highest standards with two goals: offering practitioners the greatest comfort, flexibility, precision and ergonomics as well as offering patients the best possible end-results.