The Wand STA vs Dentapen

Dentapen vs The Wand STA

The results of this study show that both C-CLAD injection systems (The STA Wand® and Dentapen®) yield similar outcomes in terms of pain perception during palatal injections.

Dentapen® is a wireless device and does not need specific consumables, since standard dental needles can be used.

STA Wand® consists of three elements: a disposable handpiece, a computer control unit, and a foot pedal (not shown). The study concludes that another inconvenience of the STA Wand ® is the economic cost of the consumables.

Riba-Roca, A., Figueiredo, R., Malamed, S. F., & Arnabat-Dominguez, J. (2020). A randomized split-mouth clinical trial comparing pain experienced during palatal injections with two different computer-controlled local anesthetic delivery systems. Journal of clinical and experimental dentistry, 12(12), e1139–e1144.